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Handa Seishuu, Episode 3

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The many faces of seishuu handa


Karneval | via Tumblr unter We Heart It.


Karneval | via Tumblr unter We Heart It.



Source: Free! Eternal Summer Official Page.

I only know two things now. I mean, I only can see two things from these pictures, and from that two things I have a lot of questions now:

1) Those are the clothes (in the second picture) Rin were wearing when he met Haruka in the middle of the street and they raced and Rin lost and all the angsty thing that we all know. The big question is: Rin and Sousuke, have they met before that, or after? Maybe Sousuke is picking Rin up from the airport, when he returned to Japan from Australia —so, before Rin met Haruka? Or by any chance this is after that meeting —so, right after Rin lost against Haruka and decided to quit competitive swimming? And in that case, how would that scene could be? Are we going to see Sousuke’s reaction to Rin’s decision?

2) Sousuke’s expression (in the third picture). I mean, I don’t want to overreact, BUT WHAT THE HELL IS SOUSUKE THINKING OR SEEING OR WHATEVER THAT COULD MAKE HIM PUT SUCH A SAD AND DESOLATE EXPRESSION?

Episode 4 of Free! Eternal Summer is gonna be angsty as hell doesn’t it.


Tanuma changes his eyes color 

he is very cool and handsome ;)

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Happy Birthday to actual angel, Natsume Takashi ♥

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57 icons of Natsume Takashi


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[57] Natsume Takashi


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